Our Snacks

We have combined whole grain nutrition and education to create our snacks. Delicious, all-natural and loaded with learning, these cookies are geared for students K-8, but are delicious for kids of all ages.

States & Capitals

Our ever first edition. States & Capitals is a classic and close to the heart product for us. Engage your family by quizzing each other or guessing how many states begin with the letter “M”.

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English & Spanish

Or as we like to call them...English & Espanol! These snacks include 50 English to Spanish word translations along with the numbers 1-10. Learn that Libro means book and Casa means house!

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We felt the patriotism while creating this edition. We all know Washington was the 1st President, but who was the 32nd?

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Food & Nutrition

Each snack is a new opportunity to learn about which foods provide us with energy, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other essentials that help us stay healthy.

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Fun & Fitness

Dick likes to run. Jane likes to walk. Their Fun & Fitness edition teaches activities that can be enjoyed alone or with a friend.

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Farmers Market

This year we introduced our FARMERS MARKET edition featuring food from all 50 states in hopes of sparking a conversation about where food comes from.

  • They are not simply business owners. They are two people with a genuine passion for children's wellness and education
    Angela L. Burchardt TorresFlager Schools
  • I've met Dick at several school food shows and his passion for helping kids eat right and do well in school" is contagious!
    Catherine A. DonovanHamilton-Wenham Regional School District
  • I love that Dick & Jane cookies meet the 1 grain requirement. I can feel good about giving the kids a treat on their tray."
    Nancy AntoliniBeverly Public Schools
  • Dick & Jane have been an excellent company to work with and are always creating new ideas and opportunities for the districts!
    Heather D'AmbrosiSchool District of Hillsborough County
  • My students enjoy the cookies and they are learning at the same time. Dick and Jane have created a great product that I am proud to serve.
    Cherie BowersSanta Fe ISD