• Friends of Dick & Jane

    If you have not read The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon, please do.

    Dick bought the book because the name and the color just caught his eye,
    and then he read it on a flight from somewhere to somewhere else,
    and it has made all the difference.

    Our story is real, but every chapter has more meaning because of the
    amazing people we have met along the way. People with big hearts,
    open minds, enthusiasm for education, and all sorts of positive energy.

    Dick & Jane’s ENERGY BUS has unlimited seating.
    Looking forward to meeting you somewhere down the road.

    Here are just a few passengers who are already on board...

    Friend of Dick and Jane
  • Meet
    Bill Quigg

    Bill is the President of Richmond Baking Company,
    America’s oldest family-owned cookie and cracker bakery.

    We met Bill in our infancy.
    He has seen us crawl, walk, stumble, fall, get up and keep fighting. 

    Bill is a man who is very familiar with legacy and his enthusiasm and support 
    of Dick & Jane has made us feel like family.

    Bill and the entire Richmond family has been a true blessing.

    If there is such a thing as a “super-friend” it’s Bill Quigg.

    Bill Quigg
  • Meet
    Dick Costolo

    Dick has been friends with Dick since elementary school.

    It’s not often that you get to see your childhood friend
    go on to lead one of the most recognized brands in the world.

    Dick is an inspiration and truly one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.
    He’ll also make you laugh all day long.

    Every time we see that little bird it makes us smile.

    Well done Mr. Costolo.

    Dick Costolo
  • Meet
    Jose Quinones

    Jose is truly “one of a kind” and a tremendous friend.

    It would be impossible to describe Jose in just one word, so feel free to choose from one of the following; kind, generous, passionate, smart, friendly, interesting, energetic, captivating and fun.

    Jose gave us a true perspective into Hispanic culture and was a driving force in the creation of our English & Spanish bilingual snacks. He also serves on our National Advisory Committee.

    Thank you Jose, or better yet … Gracias.

    Jose Quinones
  • Meet
    Cherie Bowers

    Cherie is the Food Service Director in Santa Fe, Texas.

    Cherie's zest for life is inspiring and her energy unique. It's not the kind of energy you run into every day...it’s cool and it’s deep.

    Her true passion is scuba diving and the preservation of under water eco-systems. Cherie is an active member of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation or R.E.E.F.

    Cherie dreams of living on the water someday and going barefoot forever.

    How cool is that?

    Cherie Bowers
  • Meet
    Robin Ward

    We met Robin through a friend of a friend. She is a very talented artist and teacher who has transformed our vision into a series of heart warming paintings.

    preschoolThey say “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” and we couldn’t agree more.

    Thank you Robin.

    Robin Ward
  • Meet
    Heather Wellings

    Heather is the team leader and nutrition specialist for Hillsborough County Schools (Tampa) in Florida.

    We met Heather when Dick & Jane Baking Company was just a “baby” and she has “held our hand” as we learned the school food business

    In addition to her passion for nutrition, Heather is a tri-athlete as well as a long distance runner. And one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet…heck even alligators think she is cool.

    Back in the day…Heather was a competitive swimmer at Michigan State. Go Green!!!

    Heather Wellings
  • Meet
    Tara Ray

    Tara is from Montana, but we met in Florida while she was working in
    Beverly Girard’s esteemed internship program at Sarasota County Schools.

    Tara likes to hike, run, swim, ski, crossfit, etc...you name it, she does it.
    She embodies the energy and youthful enthusiasm we covet every day.

    Currently, Tara is a Registered Dietitian for the State of Montana.
    And whatever we can do to help further her career we’ll do it.

    Montana is featured on the top of our States & Capitals box
    because of our friendship with Tara.

    She is awesome.

    Tara Ray
  • Meet
    Angie Torre

    Angie is the Food Service Director for Flagler County Schools in Florida,
    but don't let the title fool you...she is so much more than that.

    When we met she wasn’t a “runner”... now it’s her passion.
    She is RELENTLESS, running at least one race every month and consistently finishes near the top of her age group.

    We are inspired by her commitment to kids, willingness to help others and her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

    Go, Angie, Go!!!

    Angie Torres
  • Meet
    Vanessa Hayes

    Talk about chemistry. WOW!!!

    Vanessa is the food service director for Tift County Schools in Georgia. We met at a school food service retreat and immediately become fast friends. 

    Her energy and enthusiasm for food and nutrition is only matched by her love of kids.

    Vanessa is pictured here with famous, FOOD NETWORK chef, Emeril Lagasse. BAM!!!

    Vanessa Hayes
  • Meet
    Abraham Lincoln

    Ok, so we’re really not friends with honest Abe, but we’re close.

    Meet John Voehl, professional Lincoln presenter and friend of Dick & Jane. We met John through a Google search and hired him to help us introduce our Presidential edition at the School Nutrition Association national conference in Denver, Colorado in July 2012.

    He is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. And so true to his character. We HONESTLY can’t wait for him to meet our kids.


    Abraham Lincoln John Voehl
  • Meet
    Greg Troin

    Greg is a Type-A personality if there ever was one.
    If you thought Dick is bad... just wait until you talk to Greg.

    Greg has tremendous vision and a “can do” personality.

    He see things that mere mortals can not. He never says never.

    And is exactly the type of person we need to help build our brand.

    His multi-talented Sygnifi group is the brain-power and energy behind
    our website and social media development.

    As Greg likes to say...Onward & Upward.

    Greg Troin
  • Meet
    Leah Cranston

    Leah is one of our daughter, Stephanie's best friends.
    She is also a good friend of Dick and Jane.

    She is a talented artist, super creative and has personality to burn.

    When we were struggling with where to go with the website,
    it was Leah who took the “bull by the horns” and helped push us forward.

    Her input was invaluable and right on the money.

    Thank you Leah.

    Leah Cranston
  • Meet
    Linda Irvin

    We met Linda at one of the first school nutrition trade shows we attended.

    At the time, she simply called herself the “Lunch Lady” while serving as the Food Service Director for Putnam County Schools in Georgia.

    Her great advice and insights helped us to understand the needs of schools.

    She recognized what we were trying to do, applauded our efforts, and encouraged us to write a book (it’s in the works).

    She is retired now, but remains forever in our thoughts and prayers.
    We love you, Linda.

    Linda Irvin