• The Big Idea

    Dick connected the following dots...

    Parents typically put a handful of Cheerios™ on their child’s tray when they are first “learning” to chew. In pre-school, parents will then go buy that iconic red circus box of animal crackers with the string on top to start “teaching” their kids about animals.

    But where was the educational snack for elementary & middle schools?
    Not Oreo...Not Nutter Butter.
    So what if we put education on an animal cracker?

    Jane is a teacher, Dick is allergic to nuts, so what if we created all natural, nut free educational snacks from Dick & Jane Baking Company? Bingo!

    Animal Crackers
  • 2007

    We started with a pretty simple Blue & Pink logo, then we added faces to make us more “friendly.”

    Dick’s original “mock up” was called the United States of Cookies... he also toyed with All-American States before settling on SMART Cookies.

    Our 1st sample was actually shaped like Minnesota, but they eventually became round so that we could make Hawaii, Florida, Michigan, etc...

    Why Minnesota?  Because we thought we would show it to Minnesota based Target Corporation. That meeting still hasn’t happened, but it will.

    United States of Cookies
  • 2008

    New logo... much better... notice how Jane’s hair looks like the letter “a.”

    Dick and Jane introduce our 1st edition of SMART Cookies - States & Capitals.

    Our son Hutch watches the 1st batch of States & Capitals roll out of the oven.  His smile says it all.

    We received our 1st order for 100 cases of bulk and 36 cases of 1.1 oz bags from Van Eerden, a school foodservice distributor from Grand Rapids, MI.

  • 2009

    Worked with Robin Ward, a terrific  artist to help develop the look and feel of our educational brand. We continue to work with Robin today.

    Worked with Rob Smith, a talented designer with an outstanding eye for packaging design. Rob is working on several projects for us today.

    One of our goals is to adopt 1,000 classrooms, and in 2009 we adopted Carla Hardy’s 1st grade classroom in Bacon County, GA.

  • 2010

    From George Washington to Barack Obama, Dick & Jane introduce Presidents. This edition features all 43 Presidents and the White House.

    In order to stay ahead of all the school health and wellness guidelines, SMART Cookies are reformulated to a healthier whole grain recipe.

    Our Presidents go on sale at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum, Gettysburg, and Mt. Rushmore.

  • 2011

    In order  to put more emphasis on our product differentiation, SMART Cookies continue to evolve and become Educational Snacks.

    Because some of our lettering was “sanding” off while on the road, we made the decision to re-tool all the dies and  reverse the lettering. The result was much better clarity.  Great decision.

    Julie Kennedy, a Pasco County, Florida, school food service manager dresses up as a bag of SMART Cookies for Halloween. How cool is that?

  • 2012

    Our logo continues to evolve... now it promotes exactly who we are and what we make.

    Dick & Jane are very proud to introduce English & Spanish as our 1st bilingual edition. Thank you to the World Language Academy in Hall County, GA for helping us think this through.

    It’s an election year, so Dick & Jane hire Abe Lincoln to help promote our Presidential edition at the annual School Nutrition Association conference in Denver, CO.

  • 2013

    Dick & Jane prepare for retail diversification by developing samples of our new 8 oz box.

    Dick & Jane Educational Snacks are set to debut at 25 Whole Foods Markets in the Northeast.
    Launch date:  February 4, 2013

    Work continues on our “library” of educational snacks. Expect something new by the end of the year. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. We can’t wait for tomorrow.

  • 2014

     What a year!!! Dick & Jane achieved what many thought impossible. On the menu in NYC Public Schools, the largest school district in the country. On the shelf at Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in the country. On the shelf at Whole Foods, the leader in all-natural food retailing. Launched on www.amazon.com with a convenient 30 bag case.

    Whole Foods