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    in Every Bite

    At Dick & Jane Baking Company, we have successfully combined healthy, whole grain nutrition with education to create our new line of nut free, Educational Snacks™.

    Delicious, all-natural and loaded with learning, Dick & Jane Educational Snacks™ are currently available in 3 subjects:
    States & Capitals, Presidents and English & Spanish.

    Please take a few minutes to watch the video to learn more about Dick & Jane and our Educational Snacks™.

    Thank you for your support & enthusiasm for education.


    Our Story

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  • Help kids to eat right & do well in school

    That's our mission.

    • Adopt Classrooms
    • Support Nutrition Education
    • Sponsor School Gardens
    • Renovate School Cafeterias
    • Promote Healthy Exercise

    Dick & Jane Foundation


  • at the end of the day

    We also feel that it is very important to get out and get some exercise...so ride a bike, go for a walk or enjoy a run.

    The fresh air will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on a new challenge.

    And whatever it is you do...

    Do your BEST and don't be afraid to be great.


States & Capitals


Michigan to Florida, Maine to California, our States & Capitals edition features all 50 States and their Capitals.

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Shelf Space


Dick & Jane are proud to announce that our Educational Snacks will be available in Kroger stores in Georgia by the end of June.

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In the News

in the news

Dick & Jane are “in the news” so please take a moment learn a little more about who we are and what we’re trying to do.

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Nutrition Facts

nutrition2 Nut Free Recipe
No Trans Fat
No Cholesterol
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
No Hydrogenated Oils
No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Nutrition Facts

Activity Sheets

wordscrambleWord Scrambles

Crossword Puzzles

Word Searches

Match Games

Activity sheets for the classroom, kitchen or study. Learning has never been more fun. Enjoy!



Dick & Jane pay tribute to all US Presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama. Hail to the Chief.

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School Spotlight


New York City Public Schools are serving Dick & Jane Educational Snacks on their June 2014 after-school snack menu.

Snack Menu

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Dick & Jane Educational Snacks are available at www.amazon.com. Perfect for lunches, after-school snacks or a classroom treat!

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Coming Soon


We are in the process of forming the Dick & Jane Foundation, a 501c3 charity to raise money to adopt classrooms, support teachers, sponsor school gardens, renovate cafeterias and promote healthy exercise.

OUR GOAL: RAISE $1,000,000,000

Please let us know your thoughts, how you think you can help, or how much you’d like to pledge.

English & Spanish

thumb friend

Dick & Jane’s 1st bilingual edition features English & Spanish. Learn numbers 1-10 plus 50 vocabulary words.

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All-Natural Recipe

whole foods

Dick & Jane Educational snacks are now available at Whole Foods in the Northwest, Midwest, Northeast and Florida.

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Teacher Feature


Rob Stefanowski
Grade / Subject: 8th Grade Math
School: Grand Rapids High School

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You Said It

My 7 yr old son and I sat together an extra hour after dinner, eating and playing a game we made up while eating your "States and Capitals" snacks! We loved them! I loved that my son was eating healthy snacks, learning his states, laughing, and spending time with me! Thank you!

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Whole Grain

whole-grainJane is a health nut, so you can be sure that Dick & Jane educational snacks are baked with all natural ingredients including whole grain wheat flour.

Ingredients List