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Yes, we're real people who love helping students do well in school.
Dick runs our baking company. Jane teaches in an elementary school.
Our all-natural cookies can help your kids learn about U.S. Presidents ...
match the names of States & Capitals ... and introduce them to beginner English & Spanish vocabulary words.

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  • Hail to the Chief!

    Our Presidents series includes cookies showing the faces all 44 U.S.Presidents, plus a snack with an image of the White House. Pretty cool!

    While each package contains only a sampling of the Presidents, activities could include collecting all 45 cookies or using the snacks in a classroom assignment and history project.

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  • Bilingual Treats

    We’re proud that our English & Spanish translation cookies were a first of their kind when they were introduced. Today, these clever “knowledge bits” are used in school lunch programs and in classroom activities around the country.

    With 50 words and 10 numbers, we’re helping kids learn a new language as easily as saying Hola Amigo!

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  • Land of Liberty

    States & Capitals snacks provide a tasty learning tool. These national pride cookies show the outline and name of all 50 states, plus their capital cities. Now that’s education in every bite!

    They’re our top sellers because the cookies help kids learn about geography and prepare them for quizzes. They’re also great for family road trips!

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